the cough…. brought to you by another daycare bug

it started a little over a week ago, just as I got over my sinus thing, she started coughing and coughing shes down to one day a week daycare now, but hasn’t gone for a week , one night she coughed enough to chuck…..
then came the feaver fine all day feaver at night, eventually he took her to the Dr who prescribed pink cherry flavour liquid which removes the feaver and stops the cough ….. I swear Drs are out to tourture me, have you ever tried getting, mediciny tasting medicine into a 2 year old who doesn’t want it I’m sure the dr hasn’t or maybe thats the chemist, perhaps the chery flavour pink stuff should come in powder form but strawberry quik flavour…. just add milk
sigh….. next thing I know, I don’t feel so good, all night and most of the trip home, when…….. well I felt better after but my helmet and bike need a good scrubbing
and then, the cough, followed by a sore throat and combined with night shift does not a happy me make

on a happier note I was commissioned to make a quilt for aunty a while ago….. when I dropped it off she asked me to make another ….. see bbjbsewing.wordpress.com


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