Feeling Blah

Force fluid into your nostrils and we’ll follow up in 2-3 days

Remember the horse tablets………. Well they’re back and for extra fun I’ve been given a sample FLO sinus care starter kit
I swear this is payback for using fess on miss before she could do anything herself yes I used the sucker bulb too poor kid

Anyway the idea of the flo thing for those who don’t know or care to look it up, is you disolve some powder that looks suspiciously like salt in lukewarm water in the provided bottle, stick the nossel in one nostril and squeeze untill the water runs from the other nostril…….. What they fail to mention is that the water also runs into the back of your mouth and out your eye and into your ears…….. Now keep squeezing till the bottle is half empty (there is a line) and repeat on the other side

Apparently FLO is non habit forming……. Apart from the obvious point, Gee I wonder why that would be it’s just such an enjoyable experiance

Might venture to the shop tomorrow need to stock up on yukult and yoghurt antibiotics do nasty things to me
Oh and I need some more sachets for my new found Sinus cleansing habit

I’m sure Drs just enjoy torturing me all in the name of my own good


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