On the train

This is where I am, sometimes it’s slightly amusing to watch people, the usual nodders the texters the readers the knitters……. I just watch from the corner of my eye, one man flicked an insect off his shirt it hit the man next to him on the face who not knowing where it came from ( because we musn’t look at each other on the train) felt around his face for whatever hit it with no idea that it had already fallen down his shirt

Sometimes I really enjoy public transport, tonight is quiet the kerthumps are kind soothing, but I’d better stay awake it’s a long way home if I miss the stop I want to change at

And there goes the serenity a chicky who thinks everyone likes the music she is bursting her ear drums with just joined us……. Sigh …….. Only another 30 mins and I’ll be almost home


One thought on “On the train

  1. Glad I don’t have to do public transport….but must agree when I do have to (on visits to Melbourne when I visit my daughter) I enjoy “watching” people….

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