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The strange place that is the australian capital territory

Where do we start………

I guess with what I am doing in this place

Well evil Nan mentioned that she’d like to see her brothers grave because she missed the funeral and for that matter the fact that he had died until a month or so after

So the boy and I decided it was time for a road trip, borrowed a car booked a cabin and well, the rest is history and here we are

Famous for it’s roundabouts which it seems are being reduced in number since the tomtom told us to go through roundabouts that are actually traffic lights when you see them

The biggest thing I have an issue with is the suddenly ending lanes with big writing saying form one lane …… What the! ……. No merge markings, the dashed lane markers just stop followed by the words FORM ONE LANE I’ll bet there are lots of accidents relating to visitors with that set up

After visiting the grave….. Try explaining to a 2 year old that you can’t play with the ornaments or climb all over the graves….. Anyway was a nice enough place Nan commented on how elaborate the grave is and how she’d rather a lawn spot, I was tempted to look for a geocache that is there laid in memory of the owners granny but decided I was probably not a good time

Now after the cemetery visit we stopped in at coles to grab some food while I wandered about looking for a few basics I walked past an isle with a roller door on the end full of wine beer and spirits …… Huh? …… Yep right shop groceries in the isle before, groceries in the isle after and alcohol in the middle …….WOW grab your scotch while you pick up the bread, milk and weetbix

So what a strange place it is that our politicians reside in, strang roads strange shops and a lake with no water in it nearby ……. But we won’t go into how wrong that is


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