Feeling Blah

Horse tablets

Yet again… I have a sickness.

Will it ever end, someone please tell me it will end

I think it came from the weekend I had a slight coldy thing  but soldiered on to enjoy 2 wonderful mornings of Geocaching (my new hobby) with dad who I’m not sure was convinced because a few times he said to me …. “you can’t do that” as i climbed a wall or wander a fair way from the bike track but he was in it for the walk …. hopefully i can get hold of the pics he took

The boy and I also enjoyed a sunset Kayack tour of Nelsons Bay …. complete with a glase or 2 of bubbly each and Japanese tourists having a good time along with us

then cam sunday night ……. maybe it was the black pudding we’d had for breakfast, perhaps the cold pizza I munched on as a pre breakfast snack, maybe the sausages….. whatever it was it was not good to me at all …… I won’t go into details but I suspect something went through my nose that just shouldn’t be there ….. The boy and Pa wer in my opinion a little better off at least they only had to wash their undies

back to the something up the nose…. no Idea what or where it came from or how but I now and the proud owner of a very nice sinus infection

because I am suffering so much ( oh the pain oh the trauma ) the DR told me I will need antibiotics … then went on to ask the usual questions alercic to XYZ, nope, had this that and the other before, ….. had one of them before that I can remember, any liver problems….. LIVER PROBLEMS… that had me a little worried….. non that I know of, goood because the best stuff I can give you has been known to cause drug induced hepitits (wonderful) but you only have to take it twice a day and it works much quicker then the others (Ok guess everything has its trade offs) ….. took the script and my certificated for 2 days off and headed to the chemist where I picked up my little white bag and off we went… The boy being the good man he is took me in the sidecar then took me out to hungry jacks for lunch, following the drs instructions to have a few bites of a meal then take the tablet… I ate the chips then opened the  box…. inside is a foild packet sealed tight …. wow thats fresh …. then I opened the  foil and saw I had to take this

yep the things are pretty much the same size as a 5 cent piece ………. no wonder the work faster and require taking with food, and cause liver problems in some people

ok so horse tablet may be a little overkill in the description but gee they are big


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