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Out of the pot into the fire…… Sigh

Well just as I start feeling better, all of the sickness has pretty much gone …… It all falls over again,

First there is the constant jabs from the boy about how my job which I mostly do 9-5 at is ruining our life with all of the split shifts I rarely do any and most of the not to favourable shifts I have chosen to do have been purely for the money 50% loading is a big thing to turn your nose up at

Then the dreaded swipe cards have arrived and went live on Monday, Miss had an easter hat parade on monday so I missed the first day, then the jabs started all day and I blew up at him and tried to hit him (he thought I was only playing) over his stupid “yap yap yap” gesture, Ok so I may have been demanding that he stop complaining and telling me I need to speak with my boss and go and tell his that he need to work either 9-5 or 8-4

tuesday was the first day of the new system for me, got in early , because we all know what sydney traffic is like, one day the 25 min trip takes 45 mins the next 4 hrs and another day 30 mins, get through the day , hang around till leaving time, swiped off raced to the bike jumped on sped to the freeway and pretty much stopped, get to the end of the freeway race home get the bike in the shed , phone rings , me thinking its the daycare centre answers…… its dad ….. damn, not that I have anything against him but remember it is now 555pm and the place closes at 6pm and I have to push bike it …… in the rain ……….. get rid of dad as nicely as possible pull the push bike out remember the helmets are inside go inside grab the helmets, the phone rings its daycare, is anyone coming to pick up miss ……. arrrrrrghhhh  talk about a stressful after noon

yesterday I was asked to take the electric truck to helps some one with a job, jumped in turned it on took off…… THWACK….. what was that , turns out it was plugged in and I’d just pulled the plug from the wall…. had a good laugh got on with the job, hang around till time swipe off

now I’m sure lots will ask why we weren’t hanging around to time before, well it all comes down to the old you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours especially where turning a blind eye to safety is concerned if we were willing to take short cuts safety wise to help management we were rewarded with between 15 and 30 mins off usually described as having worked through lunch (or in our case “crib”)

anyway yesterday I rang mum and arranged for her to pick up miss partly because I needed a jar of mint jelly and partly because I had no idea on traffic conditions all followed by a stressful evening with a very grumpy and tired miss

the boy e-mailed me some homes from domain, one I really liked and would virtually leave us mortgage free a nice little 2 bedroo cottage with extra living space in the shed and a seperate guest accomodation after tuesdays effort I have aggreed that if he either promises I can stay home or helps me find a job (that I like) I’m there

today was not a good day I slept in a little but thats ok still got to work early, got told a contractor has been arranged to fix the broken plug , cop a little flak for breaking , spot new rosters complete crap, some expert who claims to understand fatigue rostering designed this system which makes it bad to do more than 2 night shifts in a row so almost every shift is split some have all 3 shifts in 1 week….. to me that is a recipe for fatigue because your clock never gets to stabilise, for the non shift workers, in my experience doing 5 nights in a row by night 3 you are in night mode and in some form of alert then have the weekend off to reset and you are right for day or arvo, doing 2 nights only in a row followed by a day off then a day/arvo shift leaves you in zombie state for the next week  or so until you catch up

anyway I was asked about what I thought and I said I’m seriously considering quiting, not only is the job already straining my relationship but it is inflexible and there is no interest in your social well being I”m over hearing about all of these great “family friendly” schemes only to discover they aren’t available to my section

….. and they say the want to change 0.4% women in trades to 20-50% …… yeah good luck with that


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