Feeling Blah

Tmi seriously TMI

It’s started

miss has been at daycare/school for a little over 3weeks

First there was the cold followed by expected sniffels etc the last week the call from the incredibly bubbly M ….. She has gastro we’ve put her in a nappy you need to pick her up….. Sigh

For the whole week I’ve had a nice combination of flu and feeling like I was going to chuck any time I put anything other than water in my mouth

Today she pooed everywhere down her leg on the floor in the hall everywhere
The boy keeps telling me I’ve had way too much time off but I got sick of him telling me what to do, I am letting down the team going to work feeling less than 50% less than if I don’t turn up at all

The good news ….. The Dr thinks miss is ok and may have some lactose intolerance from the gastro
The bad news……. I’m too scared to get off the toilet even with the imodium that I just took


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