A real holiday

What I have really been looking for

going away and doing minimum plus whatever i want

heres where I’d normally insert a pic or two showing our holiday so far, unfortunatley mums netbook card reader doesn’t seem to be working at least not for my memory stick I’ll try with the other camera card later

its been humid but thats ok we are across the road from the beach miss begged last night to go swimming we gave in at around 830 she was happy to play on the sand and wander into the water and well since it was dark we let her go skinny this morning she didn’t want a bar of the water

we had a pizza picnic on the back step beause it was raining too much to picnic in the yard i was hanging for fish and chips since that was the smell hanging in the yard but we’ll save that for another night……

For now I am going to continue relaxing and watching the beach …. I may take the camera over I’m sure I just saw miss volunterily in the water this I hve to catch


One thought on “A real holiday

  1. Kids and the beach are sooooooooooo much fun….love watching my grandkids and their re-actions to the water, the waves, the sand….their little faces are such pictures.

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