Brain Dumps

A Realisation

I have no friends……..

Don’t get me wrong here I have a heap of facebook friends mostly old school friends and workmates with a generous dusting of web friends

There are the odd blogs I enjoy reading and they feel like friends

There are the internet friends most of them I’ve never actually met and I’m willing to bet quite a few I’ll never meet IRL

There are plenty of people I enjoy spending time with and talking to

But no friend friends you know the type everyone else seems to have that they meet up with for drinks be it coffee or alcohol regulary or maybe visit each other for meals or perhaps complain about OHs habits

I know it’s probably something I’ve brought on myself but this weekend really highlighted it
the boy went away for almost 4 days leaving me with out transport he got home on Monday got all grumpy at me for the place being a mess (no more than when he left) then went pretty much straight to work

Seriously is it so hard to give someone you supposedly love a hug that you mean

Anyway someone to just call and chat with one of those nights would have been great over the weekend rather than being stuck for 4 rainy days with no way of getting out and about without getting totaly drenched and no one other than miss to talk to and the Internet where I can stand by and watch everyone else live life


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