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Its a birsday potty

As you may imagine that statement brought much confusion…… We generally don’t bother too much with explaining things that are about to happen to miss but she does know what a birthday is (cake with candles) so to get her ready and out the door we told her we are going to a birthday party

Got all ready to got and out the gate…. We both took off in the same direction but the boy did a U turn grrrr I went around the block and didn’t see him so kept going the way I thought he went eventually stopping at a servo to wait I almost went back home but decided I had an idea of where we were going and sent him a text that I’d see him there

I really beleive that most of the M7 should have high wind warnings that road is so windy

It turned out I was only minutes behind him

I left him to lock up the bikes and took miss to the toilet ( which is where our confusion begins ) then she wanted to go to “potty” sigh took a bit to realise what she was going on about

At the party there was much loud music and lots of people ee didn’t know…. miss for some reason thinks dancing is running around squeeling
There were the typical little boys, J was one of those then miss found a little friend who apparently is not afraid of anyone and walked straight up to miss who stood head and shoulders above her and tried to hug……, yet another example of miss needing more socialisation she ran away ….. By the end of the night she was sharing the hugs awwwww

Dinner was a buffet BBQ drinks were buy your own kiddies got chips and ice cream

Followed by dancing…. Now being a 50th birthday there were plenty of babyboomers up dancing in very 60s style it always looks like fun but with the boy being anti dancing kinda takes the fun out of it

We didn’t stay for cake I am at work today and it was getting very late on the way out I discovered I didn’t have my glasses with me it was sunny when we left home so i wore my sunglasses and put my clear ones in the bag which miss dragged all over the house… grrrr… luckily I don’t yet have glasses as a condition on my licence but it would not have been a fun ride home without the boy’s taillights to follow since a really can’t read the signs till I’m on top of them and roadworks make for very confusing markings

Poor baby when we got home I took her from the sidecar to her bed where some time between me tucking her in putting my bike away and getting back to the front door she wet and that started her bawling and panicing because no one was around as far as she could see….. Sigh …. I really have to work on this toilet before bed thing

Anyway was a pretty good night the birthday girl was happy to see us there and well that’s all that matters


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