Brain Dumps

Ahh the joys of life

My bayby is 2 …. sigh….. now comes the next wave of questioning ….. whens the next one…… apparently never is not a good enough answer….. and often followed by you have to give her a little brother…. always with the brother ….. eventually they get the hint with no longer possible (I hope) …… the boy made his decission and had is procedure …… but you are still only young they say…. he’s 34, he works hard he doesnt want to be an old father or not so old but just too sore to get out and play

now this is not what I was going to post about …. but yet again I was reminded today but this time by an old polish man who strugles with english so not worth explaining just agree and oh maybe but not atm

now …. there was  the party she had a ball I think everyone did…. evil nan even rang just to talk to me (now that never happens… I feel so accepted) about what a good day she had and how nice it was to see the children playing together

since then the washing machine died…. ok so we just got tired of fixing it …. it was totally fixable just a new pump would have done the job but we just couldn’t be bothered so out with the old and in with the new…. and for the first time ever I haggled EEK …. I got the same price including delivery and removal of the old one as a shop I saw online …. Ok so my style matched that that I learned in thialand many years ago don’t like the price walk away  “aww I may as well go home and order online ” 😉

I’ve been on shift again…. a whole week of afternoon shift … pure bliss…… followed by 4 weeks of all over the place stuff…. the boy is again not happy I’m working 6 days one week 4 the next but only 3 on the 4th week

yesterday I  think no one was happy, I got home to him playing medievil II total war he promptly complained that the blue chiller bag he took shopping wasnt filled with green bags as he thought but with old clothes that I keep meaning to drop in the vinnies bin … how embarrassing

the following laughter from me woke the princess from her nap hee went back to his game …. miss and I played a bit with her new thomas set “trayins” and wresstled and had a snack and squeeled and cuddled etc…… then she got bored and went to see daddy …. he got annoyed with her and went out the back …. every 5 seconds he is yelling at her for something  usually nothing ….. she poos her pants he brings her in and throws her in  the shower …. I get her out and convince her to settle in front of some telly

she heads back out and screams the house down when I try to stop her …. I look at the clock 730…. oops better get dinner happening …. cook dinner, she is eager…. he goeas back outside as I’m serving …. I head out to tell hime its ready …. as soon as the door closes behind me… it comes from the shed “fuck off” …. seriously… I’ve been working all day, I wonder what hes been doing since everything in the yard was done in the last hour or so the is washing all  over the lounge room and without me the poor kid would have to wait till after dark to have dinner……. I am not happy

so ahh the joys of life ….. I constantly get whinged at for always being on the computer but I’m begining to wonder how often he uses it for his game when I’m not around…. how much is Our litt;e miss missing out on because he “hasn’t got time” but has time for his game …. I know I should give him a break but It shits me that he can be sooo bloody hypocritical


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