By beebeejaybee

12 months 12 challenges….. January – something for me

I decided to sign up for this one Ive had this skirt well since mum gave me her basket of patterns…. she said it was the best skirt nan had ever made for her …. so tonight I unfolded all of the peices happily it is a one size in the envelope pattern so nothing has been lost by it being cut out

pulled out my fabric and panicked for a second or two because it isn’t very wide fabric but it was ok

laid the main peice out and cut away ….. I sew clothing for miss so often using my rotary cutter to cut them out that I struggle to cut out pattern peices for me with scissors but I got there

laid the contrast out and cut that too …. then realised the pattern is not suitable for stripes or plaids or obvious diagonals…. and my fabric is bluey purpley floral with light and pale blue strips ins the background but it looks like the strips now go diagonally so it can’t be that bad
anyway after a bit of cutting and marking the lounge room looked a little bit of a mess and I’m supposed to be doing other things so that is it for tonight …. maybe tomorrow I’ll have a go at some more I don’t imagine it taking all that long to sew



3 thoughts on “12 months 12 challenges….. January – something for me

  1. It’s a lovely skirt! Well done.

    I actually have this pattern too, it was in a bunch that my mum gave to me from her pattern stash LOL

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