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She’s two tomorrow…….. Can you believe it T-W-O how’d that happen how can it be tomorrow, I am very lucky that she is only two and it won’t matter that we haven’t got her anything……….She’s TWO

How pathetic am I it’s 0330 and I’m sitting her just got home from a 12 hr shift enjoying a double scotch and cola and a choc mousse with tear dripping on my Glasses …….She’s Two, tomorrow…………. For some unknown reason that’s just so sad, maybe it’s just the scotch, maybe it’s that I work so much I missed it……. Maybe it’s that I missed last year…….. Maybe it’s all of the deep dark memories and emotional crap catching Up, maybe it’s that soon there will no longer be a baby in the house

………..She’s Two, she knows all of the characters in the night garden by name and often imitates Macka Packa with any funnel or trumpetish shaped object she finds, she imitates the Tomblyboos by falling on her bottom, she dances like upsy daisy, she lays down and rocks her feet like iggle piggle

………She’s Two, she knows The start song to YoGabbaGabba, Including the names of the caracters, she dances, she is learning mine and yours the right way around and a million other moral things

……….She’s Two, she goes Ape over Thomas the tank engine running around screaming Train Train Train ….. Little does she know what mummy does for a living, she gets excited about Elmo……. She is obsessed with Jumping and now the Slide which she says in the same way as Sylvester the cat does, she loves to ‘read’ I wonder if given the chance she will be one of those people who just picks up reading from us reading to her or maybe her play reading is harbouring some sort of creative writing skills

She’s Two tomorrow, she knows a Chicken goes Buckgack (sometimes buck buck buckgack ) she knows a rooster crows(not sure how you spell a true rooster crow, Ive never heard one say cockadoodledoo) she knows a sheep and a goat make pretty much the same sound, and since she could talk she has known that mobikes got broom broom

She knows the pins in mummys sewing room are sharp and find fun in poking me in the bum with them while Im trying to finish something she also knows scissors are sharp and that they cut by opening and closing but not exactly how to do it

She can walk and run and jump and even sorta swim but Wii still considers her a baby untill she is three

Tomorrow as of 0839 she is two…….I have so many hopes and dreams for her but so little time to share with her and most of that I spend trying to get time for myself and wallowing in the fact that I should be doing so muchmore with her, even if it is just taking her to things

Next year I plan to get her into a local daycare so she can socialise, but the boy wants to wait till she actually tells is she has to poo rather than telling us after the fact


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