By beebeejaybee

How to make an odd sock pouch

with christmas this year came two digital cameras….. both with rechargable batteries and of course chargers to match and one came with an adapter because it takes a micro SD card

I needed something to keep the chargers tidy and safe while not in use I had thought about the usual wrap but  I know that wrapped in that way the cable still gets tangled on things especially if its put into the bottom of your bag or a drawer so the boy suggested keeping them in an old sock

I decided that that wasn’t quite good enough partly because most of my socks have some sort of embroidery or colour change in the knit which leaves lots of little threads to get prongs caught on

so here is my solution

you will need
1 peice of ribbon or cord (I had ribbon sitting on my table), your charger and cable and for that matter anything else you want to fit in the pouch, two odd socks (I know you have them) or just two socks that no longer stay up, hey if you want you can go with brand new socks, scissors and a sewing machine or needle and thread (make sure you have enough thread in your bobbin too 😳  

first choose one to be the lining and one to be the outer sock….. turn the lining sock inside out
then stick it inside the outer sock (wrong sides facing)
gently stuff the socks with your charger and push it right to the toe
find where the charger ends, I’ve marked it here with my scissors
cut maybe 1 inch above the flat point
turn socks so they are right sides facing, make sure they stay in the same direction, especially if the heel is part of the top
if your machine has one use the stretch stitch to stitch 1/4 in from the cut edge…. remember to leave asmall gap for turning
turn socks
I mucked up and forgot to leave the gap so sortof unpicked but  ended up clipping a small hole
once you have re stuffed the inner to the outer topstitch 1/8in all the way around making sure you close the gap
now because I mucked up the turning gap it didn’t close properly I lengthended the hole a little to allow for the ribbon if you remembered to leave the gap and close it here is where you make a small snip to allow the ribbon or cord to fit

create a casing by stitching another line of stretch or I guess Zig Zag  about 1/4 in from the top stitching
insert ribbon (don’t mind the lack of casing I got myself a little ahead before I realised)
tie both ends of the ribbon in a knot and enjoy your pouch and less messy cables…. I ‘m trying to imagine this made from little baby socks for keeping earphones and mobile handsfree kits in but that may be a little fiddly


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