advent blog a long day 21

wow only 4 days to go

I was lucky eough that on the way home from oberon, mum stopped at one of the roadside fruit seller and bought me a bag of cherries…….. the boy wouldn’t stop for anything, he didn’t even see them

fresh picked cherries, fresh mangos, fresh nectrines….. the signs alon the highway in bright yello and orange ….. but he didn’t see them

I often think that would be a great way to buy your fruit, I remember going with my aunty to a farm that was selling apricots on the honour system in their shed it was kind of exciting to go to here for apricots and there for cherries and that place for peas etc etc but I imagine like online grocery shopping would become rather ordinary  after a while

I have often considered stopping when out on rides to nowhere in the middle of nowhere on a tourist route here or there seeing signs for various fruits and vegetables

anyway back to the cherries …… YUM they are the nicest cherries I’ve had all year at least, and I reckon they are best straight from the fridge, maybe thats why in the past I really haven’t been that into them, they have always been on the bench at room tempreature or middle of summer midday tempreature

anyway off to enjoy more cherries I think before I have to head off to work


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