Advent blog a long Day 17

What a day

it all started with miss falling out of bed shortly after 230 this morning…… she then wriggled around in our bed till I took her to the loo then she happily toddled off to her bed….. strange kid, I get this feeling that she got a little over sleeping with us which is way off what everyone sadi would happen if we co-slept …. she likes her own space to sleep in, not that, that stops the odd visit to our bed some times in the wee hours but I have no problem with that as she usually snuggles in and goes to sleep and so do I

anyway the usuall drag my very tired self out of bed dress, coffee, coffe, check traffic. remember needing fuel , leave

its amazing the difference 5 minutes makes , I’m sure I’ve posted lots about it before but it is really stupid, i leave 5 minutes later than usual and get to the freeway with the traffic almost stopped grrrr  I end up 20 mins late where usually I am 20 mins early

as the day wore on it got hotter ….. it eventualty got so hot that we looked at the jobs we had and decided the ones out in th sun without aircon which should have been checked yesterday as well anyway would be ok (the job being to walk through the train and change any lights that are out)

on the way home were the clouds I’ve been looking forward to all day, in hope that they will bring a cool change with them , in the distance there is another cloud just a familiar but rising from the horrizon…… bushfires again, I hope they aren’t on my way home (often the side of the freeway catches and its aweful to ride through the smoke ) and think not much of it….. changing freeway for the last bit home the smoke is still in the distance and the storm is looking closer and mor ominous ……if thats possible …… again think nothing of it and head home

Phone call later in teh afternoon, Hello my name is…… calling from careflight…. thankyou gor your n going support……. we have a new bear ….. I have no money …. that ok you ahve 4 weeks to pay …. done ….. thank you is your address still ……… yes ….. where is that if you don’t min my asking….. oh western sydney ……… really so you must be close to the big fires at penrith …….. oh ….. um yeah we aren’t that far from penrith …. oh that must be worrying ….. not really there is smoke in one direction nd a storm cloud in teh other bot a fair distance …… oh rain that will be good ……. more chit chat thanks for your help (hey I’m a sucker for their bears ….. and I ride a bike full time I might need their help oneday)

I got a little curious bout these fires, so watched tonights recording of the news and it was the first story ….. huge fires near penrith ….. at least on house and a heap of sheds lost more property threatened ……… wow ….. I know we often get these things but still………. wow……….. I did notice all of the fire danger signs on our way to the beach last week have a new category …. catestrophic ….. eeek ……. we already have total fire bans so I guess that would now include complete flame bans I’m pretty sure total fire doesn’t include gas bbqs but maybe catestrophic with fire ban does ….. hmm should look that up

the storm amounted to nothing more that thunder lightening and a few specks of rain as I was pulling the washing off the line…….. most disspointing

I have something to celebrate today……. its payday ….. and…. I refrained from ordering pizza online and had spaghetti on toast instead 😉


thought I’d add the link to the news vid here

the storm has now come down with full on rain so hopefully its a help to the boys and girls out there


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