advent blog along day 16

well the plan was to go to bed early tonight ……….. oh well

I’m thinking about getting up earlyish in the morning and going for a walk……. maybe

was dinner at pas again tonight, mmm chinese, it used to be always chinese, Pa has put up his very cute christmas tree it is about 30cms tall and has little bear shaped lights and silver baubles all over ❤ miss was completely wraped with the balls it took a bit of distracting to get her to leave tham alone

I am finally looking forward to tomorrow, I get paid tomorrow sometime, prolly after 6 but still that is some time tomorrow, and is really great after over a week of $0 avaliable, I imagine the boy will get his christmas hamper this week too, when he first started there there was straight profit sharing, in his first year this ment a $600 bonus which was very nice, along with a nice basket of goodies gradually the cash bonus has become a gift card which is still something very nice and still the hamper, I think last year was the esky with fruit cake, lollies with the company name in them, a thermos and some seweed snacks ….. I’m sure there was something else but its not really that important, it is important that the company cares enough about its employees to give them nice things even if they do have the company logo all over them, I get 1/2 christmas eve off …. if i’m on dayshift and draw the right straw, followed by a bbq paid for with $ raised by mayself and a few others with our weekly bbq , and then Drinks at the local also paid for by us from our bbq …….. I suppose at least we get a half day

i am thinking about the new year more, I want to be more organised, I have at least managed to get the calendar thing happening, we have 2 calendars one by the door and the other in the kitchen, at the moment both are filled with scribble especially the weekends I am hoping to get the same calander that we have by the door this year, it has nice big squares with lines not taht the lines are overly used but the big squares really help, the kitchen one is always a freebie this years is from the australian good taste mag next years will be the one provided by the council, I forgot the boy has two on the go as well, both old british bikes I think he uses them for remembering oil changes and whatever, one is in the shed and the other in the bar…. actually looking at it he also writed the important dont forget events on the one in the bar…… so perhaps next year we will ad something to that habit


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