Advent blog a long Day 13

The decorating of the tree

Tonight we decorated mum and dads tree……. For some reason I always required to drecorate the tree or assemble flat pack furniture

So this is the tree for this year

ooops missed the star…….. it is on top

I dissagree with all the hype about real trees smelling like a norsca ad etc I think they smell of earth and pine needles (funny that) and have this horrid coating of sap and the needles are all spikey …….. that said I am begining to think we should get one in the future so we don’t have to worry about storing our tree though I love the christmas card tree seen in this months better homes and gardens not that we really get cards ….. I am trying to phase them out of our life …. most of our gifts are parcels with a name written on the bottom in sharpie ….. very stylish …. not …. but is better than having cards sitting around or constantly looking for labels….. one day we will have a paper free christmas but not quite yet

This was followed by BBQ dinner and this

What a good way to spend a Sunday evening
Sadly it’s back to work for me tomorrow


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