By beebeejaybee

A christmas dress

here it is this years dress….. I made the  side seams a little bigger than standard because miss is so skinny but it all fit together really well

I plan to make this dress again sometime soonish with less special fabric so that I can play with some other techniques ….. I was thinking about overlocking the seams to finish the,but in the end couldn’t be bothered dragging the overlocker out so used the edge stitch on my machine I’d like to have a go I’d also like to have a go at blind hemming rather than whip stitching the facing …. it may not lok so good on the inside but from what I understand the facing idea is firstly so you don’t have to ease the skirt cure into a hem and then so as the little miss is running around you see the odd little flash of colour on the inside or something like that anyway so it won’t be looked at too closely

Oliver + S tea party sundress

have you ever tried to get an almost 2 year old to stand still for a photo ….. miss now always wants to stand up on the sewing table ……oops
Oliver + S tea party sundress on

now to figure out how to iron it properly


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