Advent blog along day 12

she swims!

what more can I say ….. we went swimming, she did ring a rosie with  the “big kids (who are prolly only a year older but hey big difference at that age) went floating up and down the pool on the mat with the instructor and even kicked better than some of teh “big kids” then kept jump falling off the wall and swimming to mae then pushing off and back to the wall and starting again….. now to get the jumping in thing to happen

sadly on the way home miss quietly asked Potty? but we were in the middle of nowhere as far as loos are concerned anyway, so I planned to at least get her to the park and holding her behind a tree but we didn’t quite make it that far poor kid she asked and everything and for a little kid held on for ages after

in christmassy stuff I have almost completed miss’ christmas dress, considering making the matching bloomers I have them all cut out so prolly should, the boy wants me to make her a hair thing from the patterned fabric …. we will see, its generally not worth it because mis has such short fine hair and pulls anything in it out :sigh:

tomorrow is tree decorating day at mum and dads we had an offer to go and get the tree with them but I want to do a few things around here first


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