advent blog a long day 11

next monday I’m back to work….. I feel I’ve missed my holiday completely, today wasn’t much help, I decided to make an attempt at sewing miss’ christmas dress

I traced the peices, and cut them out had a break did this or that, came bakc cut some bits out realised I needed some more fabric, discussed what to make for J since I made this for M, needed pattern from this website and opinions on fabric…. apparently 4 yearolds are too old for teddy bears, picked on because I can’t handle being without the computer ….. excuse me but I was surfing the web quite happily on my iPhone thank you I just need the computer to print some stuff off

decided even though I have next to no money I should just go get what I need and get back to making….. first

“where are my keys?”,

“on the hook”,

“no they aren’t”,

“well where did you put them last?”,

“you had them last”,

“no I didn’t”,

“Oh stuffit just give ne yours”,

wander out to the shed, fiddle with his stupid keys that look nothing like mine, open shed…. damn … the gate …. wander down to gate fiddle with keys unlock gate …. damn sidecar in the way ….. you s*** me, pain in the butt stupid bloody idiot ….. wander back inside find keys growl at boy…. he comes out to see what going on, still looking for my keys

“Move your bike will you”,

“I’m trying to help you find your keys maybe they are in the shed”

throw sidecar keys at him “just move your stupid bloody bike idiot”

“whats your problem”

“arrrgh your bike is in my way and the shop shuts at 5 I was ready to go at 430 and now your stupid bike is in the way”

“you could get past that”

“I don’t care just move it will you”

jump on my bike start and rev the engine

boy moves his bike

scream down the driveway……. close gate …. run up front stairs grab helmet and gloves from under yetsredays picnic blanket…. tinkle tinkle…. damn my keys… quietly hide keys back under blanket rather than admit I was wrong (he wouldn’t have put my keys in my helmet)…. open front gate scream up street as loudly as possible

I don’t think the day got much better from there

I did get only one thing more than I needed from spotlight

stopped to look at the doughnut king cheep end of day boxes …. nothing interesting … start to head off  ” only $5 per box sir”… see red … breath… count … walk away … walk away ….. turn around a second don’t want to be rude ” no thanks” keep going

at home the boy pointed out that the chicken needs cooking tonight….. “what do you want to do with these?”

“I can teryaki them if you want”

“yeah ok”

search through cupboards “how about Quesadillas? we have no onion but we can have them without”

“yeah ok we have tomato an lettuce in there sounds good”

cook Quesadilla kit …. says it makes 8 I only managed 6 maybe not enough chicken surely not because of lack of onion

add a little lettuce and tomato to the side of our Quesadillas all done

first thing the boy does is  pick up a quesadilla peel it open adn starts stuffing lettuce and tomato into it and eating like a taco …. he did have a point in saying well its like a taco ….. yet another arguement about how how should use cutlery and set a good example for miss with replies like who says it should be eaten that way and I doubt the mexicans have cutlery to eat them with and this is “our ” culture to make sandwiches out of everything(not sure wo the rest of our is but aparently all large families encourage making sandwiches from dinner rather than eating dinner with bread alongside)…. puts his beer away “what are you doing?’, “mexicans don’t have beer with dinner so I’m getting a glass of water sorry its not in a wooden cup” ….. sigh ….. whats the bet aunty will be visiting some time soonish with the way I’ve been today hopefullly tomorrow is much better


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