Advent Blog a long day 10

a trip to the beach ……… a whole hour and a bit away

it seems to have worn everyone out, the boy and miss are sound asleep (I have no Idea how she can be asleep next to that chainsaw but she was)

we went in the surf almost deep enough to cover my feet when the water went out and up to my waist when it was in…. no way I was taking miss any further, besides she didn’t appreciate it anyway as soon as the first wave hit her she was crying …. “no more no more, all clean, no more” over and over untill we were well away from the water,  I am a very mean mummy and made her stay for just a little longer

we wandered over to the pool because we though that maybe it was the waves scaring her … but no same reaction there, wasn’t even interested in the crab i spotted in the inlet hole 😦

so we decided to look for shells and wander the rocks

there weren’t many empty shells to be found and miss now thinks of periwinkles as snails (because thats the best way I could describe what was going on with them)

but there were plenty of cement like  rocks


some with really interesting patterns

we found a rock pool to sit in which was a little warmer than the pool or  the surf


and lots of pretty rocks to look at


then headed back to the park for lunch (fish and chips of course)

its been a very big day …. I think it may be time for me to go to bed too


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