By beebeejaybee

EB Newbie Quilters Secret santa swap

here it is my secret santa was Anna from sew busy mama

I think I should just take a picture of a satchel edit and use over again rather than having pics like this filling my flickr

anyway inside
Wrapped gift
that is very pretty fabric

…. and I love the ribbon

inside that……..

lets see if I can rememeber

  • two blocks of old gold …. one raspberry …… mmmmmmm (both in the freezer where hopefully the boy will never look and I can nibble away when ever the desire takes me
  • two magic elves (not a good Idea trying to take a picture while the toddler was watching)
  • a shoppinglist & pen holder
  • a magic T-shirt with a “fufferfy” on it (magic because miss now knows how to ask and go potty since wearing)

  • a roll of pink ribbon
  • a bag of buttons (love those buttons btw)
  • brown red amd blue swirly patterned fabric… feels heavyish?
  • pink pin cord fabric?


  • coasters


  •  patchwork favourites mag (I already have but is appreciated)
  • oh and a teal Zip …. I always seem to need a zip but rarely have one

My recipient was Esther …. unfortunatley I yet again for got to take pics…. hopefully Esther does


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