Advent blog along day 7

Ah the joy of a week off ……. Sleep to almost 9 when the toddler come to inform us ” wee ” unfortunatley she was talking about her bed….. Lucky I’ve made it in 4 layers so I don’t have to go searching for sheets if she has an accident in the middle of the night ……. She later quietly mentioned potty and happily sat for a bit then stood up and demanded chocolate, so I guess she has associated chocolate with the sitting but not yet the going….. We are getting closer

The rest of the day didn’t quite go so well, they boy was extreemly excited by a succes with poo and dissapointed to find it was his nephews birthday party yesterday and he wasn’t invited but SILs family were

We had a small visitor this morning ……. One of next doors chickens was going off, the boy looked out the window and there she was standing on our middle fence

~Big news flash~ tonight in her usual attempt to avoid nigh nighs miss asked to go potty and actually went as well …….awesome

Best go get her off to to nigh nighs and get back to my little sewing project yeah like thats going to happen with daddy home and begging for mis to be allowed to stay up later

I am amazed at the moment how many new blogs I’m discovering, I wish I had time to read them more often, actually even these two weeks I really haven’t had time to read them just the odd post here and there that gets linked to and maybe thae posts around it or the current post on the linked to blog …. there is one little thing that bothers me with a lot of blogs though…… those little music players usually burried at the bottom of the screen somewhere, now the music isn’t so much a problem I generally have my speakers turned off unless there is a vid I want to hear the sound of …. its my poor old computer which almost collapses under the strain of loading such pages…. I went to an onling quilting shop recently and couldn’t navigate it at all because the music  took up so much memory to run …. so those website designers and bloggers out there spare a thought for those of us with very old equipment who are either too tight to upgrade or lacking in funds (in this house the satus wavers between the two )


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