advent blog a long day 6

ahh sunday…. lazy quiet relaxing sundays or something like that

nothing is ever lazy and quiet here I just realised that there are only a few week til christmas and well I have thought of nothing, I have spent the last three months working on a dress for M and well its not looking very finished at the moment

I have no idea the boy is saying do the new personalised bunnings gift card for everyone not sure bout that but prolly iwll just go along with it

lost of tears today, the boyis yet again bagging out my bright ideas with 3 day potty training on day 7 yet another thing which with no support from him has failed miserably not that we are going back to nappies even if I have to take them all to work and hide them we are not going back …. today we had the first poo in the potty since she was around 9 months old (once she learnt to pull up the whole part time early training went out the window) how good is it to not have to rinse out underware or for that matter nappies we are getting much better DP joked that she will be obese by the time she is completely trained becasue I give her a chocolate every time she makes at least half in but thinking of scaling that back to when she indicates she has to go and we at least reach the bathroom…. the boy is complaining about the smell, apparently the house stinks like wiss, I cant smell it actually after miss finding a pack of scented nappy sacks the loungeroom smels a little of nappy sack to me I wonder if he is mistaken ….. nah hes never wron just ask him

I am thinking next week I will think about seriously doing something for myself maybe a new hair cut…. my recent interview showed that my hair is a little too long to do great things with… if it wasnt for the things that can be done with it long, I’d have it cut short despite the boy’s dislike of women having short hair its my hair I’dd have it as long or short as I like thank you

I’m thinking tomorrow I might take myself for a little walk to the bakery for a chees and bacon sausage roll …. I look forward to when I can take a holiday

must go and jopin miss in her discovery of finding nemo …. I can see this being added to the whish list…. piggle( in the night garden)…. mouse(mighty mouse) …. bish(nemo)


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