Advent blog along day 5

well almost 1 week down yay

oh wait that means 1 less week till christmas eek

miss has made much progress today, we went swimming and she actually swam rather than sinking, it is still a sinking kind of swim but a swim is a swim is a swim, then later when I went out to get stuff for dinner (the boy is a little out of action atm) she had a little accident but when the boy reminded her to go potty she ran and sat downon it …. pants still on but hey she must be getting the idea again, this evening, absolutley busting she panicked and said gogogogogogo so off we went and almost made it too…. almost back to 3 days of the tweaked method and looking much closer to success this time

I know I often say I will do things but often don’t get to it well today while miss was napping after swimming I took myself to spotlight and grabbed a few things… the main part being finger paint and an easel pad and some poster paint……. they did have a finger paint pad which had shiney paper so the paint doesn’t soak in so much but you didn’t get as many sheets and they were much smaller…. anyway i had to do it because the reason I gave miss for having a nap was that when she woke up we could do something fun….

so here goes

miss was un impressed with having dirty hands and a few times I had to rub the dirt and grass off , eventually we will set something up on the fence that the paper can be bulldog clipped to but I’m not so sure that will work for finger paint

I figured she was getting tired of painting despite her protests at me packing it all up when she started playing “chickens” with her feet …… the chickens wanted to paint to apparently


we had a lot of fun, i am a little confused though, the finger paint says 2+ but all of the paper options said 3+ even the one for finger paint ….. whats the go with that?

heres what she was doing yesterday with the picture i cut out… I might show her how to stick them to the shoebox tomorrow some time

that would be milo …. mmmmm milo ….. her other favourite thing


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