Advent Blog a long Day 4

Firstly thanks to Wendy for clearing that little bit up about advent and days of christmas ….. (waving madly ) Hi Wendy

now today was another day of fun and games…. we need more chocolate, I’m not sure yet that she has associated the going on the potty with the treat yet … hey the kid has amazing bladder control and somehow manages to only go twice a day with a huge dancing lead up

we have a poo problem now…. and now the type you are thinking of, I mean almost everyone I know says there little one either squats and grunts or finds a corner and hides while they poo…. my little miss does the same dance and for wee but this ends with her simply stating “yucky” and me finding the mess already in her pants (though thankfully she doesnt have time to sit in it and make it messy…. I worry that she may end up with DPs family bowel problems and this is simply a start to all of that but then I wonder if it’s a good sign that everything is working in tip-top shape very little effort required ….. maybe it’s not enough fibre……. but then they say fibre is to keep things moving …. oh I don’t know

next week is job appointment week ….. I sorta hope I get in but in the same breath I hope I don’t the strange little person I am, it’s quite a bit more $ wise but back to work I really don’t like full-time and I’d be responsible for a group of people I’m not so sure I’m up for that…. and then we go back to these $$$$$$$ and remember what that little bit more will mean for us

I have decided to just jump in with the kiddy craft, I have a voucher at Spotlight for spend 100 get $40 of…. I really need some new overlocker thread and a bit of fabric would go down well too but last time I was there I was looking at the kiddy craft stuff and I though we could do some of that who doesn’t like their christmas or birthday or whatever present wrapped in kiddy paintings not that I expect pictures but I think it would be fun to get outside maybe on the grass with a paint brush in just her undies and let her go for it with a lot of supervision and a little assistance of course….. today I cut some piccys from catalogues, I’m not sure whose blog it was on but I liked the idea, I picked things I know she knows and likes interestingly the picture of Elmo has a picture of Thomas on the  other side but she pulls it out of the shoe box (I must not start collecting those I don’t know how that one stayed there so long)  and runs around with it showing “Elmo” all of the things in the house…… little does she know I have asked my brother to think about getting her one, nothing fancy but talking is probably a bonus ……..I’d get it myself but we got a trampoline

hope everyone elses blogging along is going well, I miss writing everyday as I once did but I also worry with the extra traffic I have these days sometimes about starting to censor some of what I write … mhmm I prolly shouldn’t when often it has simply been my outlet


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