Advent Blog along Day 3


well Day three of advent blog along ….. still very little christmas going on here ….. for some reason I really don’t like this time of year maybe its because I no longer get those 6 wonderful weeks off to look forward to or all of the expectation that we are supposed to meet, you know perfect gift, perfect clothes, perfect breakfast, perfect lunch, perfect manners ….. I went for a wander through the shops today….. its started….. lucky for me they have turned 2 nice little under cover car parking spaces into 5 motorcycle only spaces, complete with po;es to stop cars getting in, really if you wanted to you could fit up to 10 bikes in there but only if you knew each other really well

so I took my parcel to be posted and had a look here and a look there, I’ve been looking for a hair thing I finally found one but somehow I had no money left in my account, I don’t remember spending it but I’ll bet there is a direct debit going on somewhere that I forgot about

also took a much needed little trip to Spotlight …… someone who looks very like me decided the cord on miss’ blinds should be shortened but forgot to lower the blinds before permenatly shortening the cord 😳 now thats a fund thing to repair ….. it also reminded me that I really need one of those blind brushes, you know the ones that fit through the slats ahh maybe another time

I was thinking today bout advent, I havent looked the word up yet …. but I’m wondering where do the 12 days of christmas come from if advent calendars have 24 ….. I know I wouldn’t appreciate my true love sending me 24 of much especially since it was only 5 golden rings but 12 people doing something (hey its late I can’t remember which people came last)

night everyone

oh wait our 3 day potty training is now on day 4 ….. emailed the writer and discovered I was forgeting to let her be in control or taking herself …. hopefully tomorrow…. we almost had it to


One thought on “Advent Blog along Day 3

  1. Hiya

    The 12 days of Christmas are the days from Christmas day to twelfth Night (ie 6 january) whereas Advent is the period before Christmas.

    Love Wendy (FIA)

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