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Advent Blog along Day 2

well …. Day three of toilet training…. slightly better than yesterday, 1 accident, 1 request followed by potty use (yay miss) 1 accident followed by request….. in my defence she was laying down ….. here trying to avoid going to bed

what can I say my little miss is incredibly stubborn

we put up the christmas tree today I discovered it has a bit of a lean to it pic tomorrow I was worried but the boy thinks it had that before, we also recieved a very large parcel containing 1 trampoline and ordered our pressie to each other…. a new side by side fridge (yay no more old fridge with no shelves in the door, no more chest freezer with fall off lid)

I’m considering having a go at some christmas crafting with miss some time during the rest of my holiday I’m inspired by this I really need some crafty supplies though …. any sugestions?? I have loo rolls and cotton wool and DP has cotton tips hidden away ….. I’d love to find that paper we had at school came in a big stack coloured on one side white on the other …. what type of glue is best for little hands, I’m thinking glu stick because it limits mess but then there is the PVA type glue which seems to be popular on mister maker and other places and the old favourite clag paste followed closely by the home made flour based version (which I would fill the clag bottle with once empty)…. ah so much to think about …. and we havent even got to a box yet, though I have a nice shoe box in the cupboard ….. oh and lets not forget paint where do we get todler friendly paint… or should I make up some finger paint and be done with it……. oh I’m thinking about it too much I think

see you all tomorrow


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