Blog along

Advent blog along Day1

What can I say ….. Really nothing happening here at the moment, The boy got home from his mates funeral, put his bike away, had a beer or two and got a lift to the wake, came home very drunk as expected and promptly laid on the lounge and fell asleep, miss and I cleaned her little peope bus and plane and a patch of the dining room floor and the oven, ok so she stopped helping and made a watery soapy mess but it’s all good till someone falls over

We also had a go with the playdough that I pictured earlier in a wordless weekend , I was considering having her cut Christmas tree shapes with our christmas cookie cutters and maybe baking them in our clean oven but she had plenty of fun just pushing the shapes into the playdough and spreading it onto the kitchen floor

Tomorrow I hope to have a parcel posted as well as have miss “click” with the idea of telling us when she has to go and maybe actually going on the pot rather than just getting the finishing dribble of an accident in
Maybe if she is really good well think about making bickies though we don’t have any ground Ginger which is a little dissapointing so plan butter will have to do


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