Brain Dumps

Is there something wrong with me?

It’s almost 0230, two hours ago he was going to lock the shed and come to bed…….. Am I really that bad that not only does he simply not want to cuddle but he takes over two hours to come and snuggle in bed with me, I know my jelly belly feels weird, I know I’m not the somewhat fit size 12 that I was but is it really that bad that he won’t come and cuddle in with me to make up for doing nothing about my birthday, it’s not like it’s gonna cost anything or it’s too early to be bed time…….. Am I destined to be forever waiting for a little non sexual physical affection? Maybe it’s just another phase, maybe I’m being overly sensitive, or maybe he just doesn’t know or care anymore


One thought on “Is there something wrong with me?

  1. Nothing wrong with you I am sure…sometimes us women do get sensitive and I know I have been guilty, and actually still am of thinking the same.

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