Brain Dumps

A streasfull couple of days and new job prospects

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m too lazy to go back and look but I am in the process of applying for an upgrade ….. They still don’t know how many of this new position they want or when they start but it is worth quiet a bit more than I am paid now and if I don’t get in I haven’t lost anything

Last Wednesday was the psychometric test followed by role play so that they could see the skills that we have and areas we need to work on apparently I freaked out about that for days and days and almost didn’t go but was fine when I turned up and saw someone I know

This Wednesday was the interview another lot of panicing and stressing the questions we had were very difficult lots asking about situations that don’t arise in our workplace but probably will after the reform is completed so I had no experiance in but that probably means no one else has either

So now we play the waiting game wait and see what happens supposedly by march next year we will be fully reformed and they will know who and how many they want


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