By beebeejaybee

a new quilt …. more pink fabric

I’m planning on doing a square in square thing with these, I’m not sure what to use as sashing to bring them together, fo that matter I’m not really sure I like the pink with white fireworks bursts I’m considering white or cream because it always looks so crisp, but I think in this house it wont last that colour so I considered pink ….. bring on another pink thing ……. or chocolate bu would that be too dark …… maybe black…… but theres tha dark thing again …… what do you think
sorry the pic isn’t the best …. my new phone only has a 3Mp camera and no flash and its too late for the sun to be coming in that window


One thought on “a new quilt …. more pink fabric

  1. I would definately consider chocolate, sometimes it’s hard to move away from the ‘it works’ factor of whites / creams etc. but oh so rewarding when it does work. Have you any chocolate fabric to hold up against it to see what you think?

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