Dont’ fall asleep while the toddler is awake

I seem to have caught something, it may be that I have caught the bug miss has, or perhaps just that since the coffee I had on Monday night made me feel sick I haven’t touched any coffee at all, but I feel absolutly rubbish, I have the worst head ache and every now and then I feel like I either should sit on The loo or lean over it but nothing comes of doing either ……… Any way back to the toddler, I got home from work and crashed on the lounge miss was very good about it, she got herself a drink from the fridge for me to open and occasionally came and snuggled or just gave me a quick hug and kiss then back to putting the bear in the bus and talking about the bunny rabbit or the horses or whatever was on tv……..eventually my quiet dozing turned into sleeping, now I don’t quite remember what woke me up but when I did there was an empty bread packet on the floor with pieces of bread scattered on the lounge ….. Hmmm I think did we get hungry baby….. Figure I should think about dinner not that I felt like eating anything, the clean nappies wer scattered on the floor, that was kinda expected, oh I remember now I woke up because she was climbing on me….. Bare bummed ….. So her wet nappy was also on the floor but still pretty good, then I got up and the kitchen was pretty good, but in the laundry the fridge was wide open, well I suppose that was where the drink came from but on the floor at fridge door was a sixpack box of eggs with no eggs in it….. Then I realised that there was egg on the floor too but no shell, further investigation found the shell in a million pieces on the carpet in the hall ………… No wonder she was going on about “broke it” …… So I got a little sleep and the mess was not a complete disaster but I think next time i’ll go back to closing us in her room while I nap….. And maybe decide to nap before it just happens


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