By beebeejaybee

EB beginers sewers Opening Day

Today was opening day for our (the essential baby beginners sewers) kids stocking filler swap
I promised miss last night the sooner she went to bed and to sleep the sooner it would be tomorrow and we could open the parcel ….. I don’t think she quite understands tomorrow she is only just up to understanding “mine” … so it didn’t really work but was good practice to be making promises that are completely keepable

anyway today is the day I was up bright and early ready to go … mis wasn’t so keen to get up which is normal … not that I got her up she is just not a morning person just like mummy

once she was dressed and my work clothes were in the dryer I found the camera because the phone isn’t working and started clicking
our swap partner was Shirley AKA  jotsmum she created a little something for both miss and I ❤ the purple package was labled for me and red for miss ❤  …… mis found it easier to get the robbon of the purple one first, lol, and pulled the paper off …. I in my dressing gown was not going on the other side of the camera so left her to it …..
out came a lovely little zipper pouch which wether it was intended or not is just the right size for my DS  games and charger ❤ so I’m not going to be searching in the bottom of my work bag for them again just for the little pouch, inside the little pouch was a interesting little thing with a speach bubble attached ….. ok so the bubble had slipped a little but I knew once I pulled it out of the bag exatcy what it was, I’ve been meaning to make  on for ages…. the bubble said, ” will keep your coffee warm” …. awesome ….. have I mentioned here I live on coffee … I know I have on my other blog
then I convinced miss to have a better go at the red packages this time she got the ribbon off and impatiently handed me the first package which i put a bit of a tear in ……. a really cute bag … I have use those fabrics before for my raggy quilt which miss sleeps under so cute, sorry I have no idea on the pattern but I do recognise it
after taking the bag throwing it over her shoulder and saying “bye bye bye” she wandered off then came back to play some keyboard (she’s obsessed with that atm) and eventually back to the last parcle which she thrust into my hands with the same expectant but inpaitent look …. another tear and out came a ……. gray “gee gat”  ❤ she was very impressed  with it and showed him how to play keyboard and told me all about him … eyes ears etc gee gat, gee gat, geegat  lol


thanks shirley

unfortunatley I didn’t take any pics of my item, it went to aimee‘ s house  for Mr E hopefully she will be able to take and upload a pic to share when her camera and puter start talking again


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