It’s AFU

yet again I hate to admit that I swear an aweful lot in my head so you can work the title out for yourself

I took time out of my day yesterday to sort out something that is my problem ……. I was given a pat on the head and told it will be alright

ok so the was no touching the man is learning not to do that cause ppl were calling him the mentalist saying he was trying to hypnotyes them when he touched them and the words it’ll be alright were never even mentioned …. but basically I’m stuffed it is not their problem that their un nessecery descision to change all 8am shifts to 9 am shifts is going to cost me $100 for every week that I get stuck with them

i explained the whole reason I didn’t do afternoon shift very often was that we discussed the best way to balance our work and with 4 8am shifts plus 1 7 am shift and 2 split shifts that are mostly 7am I’m pretty much garrunteed days especially when no one wants the 8 am shifts because of the traffic ….. can you imagine how many ppl will be willing to swap from 7am to 9 am

his solution add more people to the roster so there are more shed(630am and shit repetitive work that I had to push hard to get away from but many love) shifts which unknown to him almost everyone who does days regularly wants …. reckon I have a real winner on that one with a majority of the boys wanting the ot that comes with that shift which they will miss out on by doing the 9am start because instead of finishing only 1hr later they finish 2 hrs later on a 2 person job more than likley working with someone who started at 630

so in short I am just a 6 digit number with a name attached ….. all of their spiels about being a family friendly workplace were total BS so was everything about caring about our work life balance and happy to help with our difficulties ….. so much for their dedication to keeping tradeswomen on the railway by removing the reasons that they leave

in the managers words he is not going to un do his descision because it hurts one person …… I’m the only one hurt financially ….. what about s who’s dd is stuck at cc for another hr or j and s who live an hrs drive away with out the traffic and also have young children or the young blokes who play/train for in the afternoons

absolutley no more favours from me no more cutting corners to get the set out on time no more doubling back with less than an 8 hr break (like I did today) and definitly no more bending rules


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