ahh the joys of work

our manager has decided that to match the new train timetable time table we need our roster shifted ….. this is never good, atm we start at 815 and work straight 8hrs which means no lunch break but that suits me just fine, the new roster requires us to work 9-5 ….. now the 9 bit I could handle but finishing at 5 means sometime I may not get home till after 6 which would be ok but I pay our babysitter $20/hr some ppl carry on a bit when I say that but firstly paying someone well means they’ll be happy to do it and do a decent job and secondly it eases my guilt about not being there …. but I don’t have to justify that to you do I

anyway discussing with my foreman this afternoonI realised that is $200 out of a fortnights pay gone on an extra hr of childcare a day that I had never planned on needing at this rate 1/2 my pay will go on the house and 1/2 the pay will go to the babysitter … though I’m sure she would still look after miss for the same as she does at the moment

on top of all this as it is I get home to a whingy whiny baby feed her water her and put her to bed generally that gives me 2hrs with her that extra hr at work will mean I get home and pretty much put her to bed because some manager decided that a change of shifts is in order

now I know I complain about alot of things but we were told that it was related to the new time table and having more trains running out later in the afternoon which was generally accepted as fair enough but as it turns out there are exactly the same number of trains running out as in the past the only difference is that they all leave 5 mins later that the old time table which in my view dosen’t warrant a change

we didn’t know what the runnout was going to be likejust what was said and the ex union delegate (the one before I was) that went up just said ok what ever and went with it no questions … so tomorrow arv I’m dusting off my old union cap and going to have a chat with the manager about my situation …. if I’m going to be losing 1/2 my pay I may as well be working 1/2 the time at least then we get the ftb in some form.


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