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Meet Mugsy


he has been stuck in my head all weekend, I’ve been laying in bed worrying about him for two nights…. Why? you ask well on saturday afternoon on our way to a friends engagement party I saw mugsy come flying over the back of the side car and almost under my front wheel , I won’t say exactly what I thought at that moment but it started with O and it’s too embarrassing admitting how much I actually swear in my head

this was at the end of the first freeway, I was so upset, I’m not sure if miss was too she had a tear in her eyes but that could have been just the wind and she didn’t really say anything about it except later oh no dolly oh no doggie

why was I so up set well mugsy was one of those freebie toys that come with some brands of ear thermometer, my cousin bought me the thermometer , but I liked mugsy probably a little more, since i’m not really a thermometer person, though it has come in handy anyway mugsy eventually became the bedtime cuddle when miss started sleeping on her own more untill our nanny got miss a lavender-scented doll (not the dolly of this story) for christmas which really seems to work as suggested

now dolly PIC00590 went out the side I saw that too first she was dancing on the dash then she was flying, then  she actually did, straight under my front wheel, I wasn’t so upset by dolly falling out, she was as someone put it at the party our sacrificial dolly, I picked her to always be in the sidecar because I made her from scraps and I can make another just like her, so if she got lost is wasn’t a really big deal….

 rest of our weekend was pretty good we ate breakfast and dinner out went to the markets played on the beach and had a proper blackout (fun for us because we never get any longer than 10 mins)

I decided on the way home to look and see if I could see either dolly or mugsy, dolly I decided would have to be definitely dolly before I turned around, I did see a possible but it wasn’t definite enough but mugsy, if there was even a hint of a sighting I was turning around, since it was only like a 2k section of road I’d have to travel… what can I say there were possibilities along the whole section, a little pile of bluish dirty rag, a patch of blue in that garden a flash of blue in that gap, so of course I turned around (remember I was awake 2 nights thinking about getting him back)

I kept going past mount franklin bottle here piece of tarp there then I started going past the dirty rag which made me pull over and run back, this is what I found,

 of course this pic is on our kitchen floor, and I’m pleased to say that it seemed to be just dirt on him rather than grease and oil like I expected, his head was partly pulled off and I think he may have lost some stuffing but he is back with us where he belongs and now whole and clean again, I kinda wish I’d stopped and tried to retrieve him when he came out but it may have taken hours for him to actually be pushed to the side of the road and well 3 lanes of freeway isn’t a great thing to think about crossing for a childs toy now is it…. or its it


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