Brain Dumps

Don’t mind me I’m avoiding everything

seriously I haven’t been meaning to avoid blogging but I am avoiding

  • the mess miss and I have made in the kitchen
  • the pile of clean miss washing on the lounge
  • the box of things waiting to be ebayed
  • the dry washing out on the line
  • possibly the dry washing in the dryer too
  • the inevidable dirty clothes pile in our room
  • the toys scattered about the house
  • the complete mess that is now my sewing room
  • going out and feeding the dogs
  • having a shower and getting changed
  • the cutlery spread around the house
  • the 2 started but not continued sewing projects
  • grocery shopping
  • fun shopping

and finally going to bed too early ….

I’m a little unmotivated, I’m atarting to agree with mum I do drink way too much coffee this morning I had 1 mug of instant espresso then at work i had a 750ml bottle of double espresso dare followed by another 2 o 3 ugs or instant since i got home ….. I wonder if this has anything to do with my tiredness

I wonder if my tiredness has anything to do with the three band-aids on my hands as of yesterday or if thats just pain clumsy coupled with not wearing gloves


I guess I should at least go and do something I am dissapointed in myself tonight I was planning to take miss swimming and instead stayed home and ordered pizza which she loves almost as much as swimming , I was thinking taking her swimming would give me some good exercise first the walking there then the walking in the pool hopefully with her in her ring folowed by carrying her home (it’s too cold for her to walk home and she’d be very tired) …. but well lack of motivation bit me this afternoon when I ran out of fuel and had to be bailed out by tipboy

hmmm might go consider doing something


2 thoughts on “Don’t mind me I’m avoiding everything

  1. yeah, I can so relate, especially today

    the caffeine is definitely related to tiredness – it inhibits iron absorbency (i think) and low iron means feeling like you’ve got no energy – doesn’t stop me from drinking it though as it’s my pick me up! tea is apparently the same (which is why babies shouldn’t drink it, despite my DD trying her hardest to drink mine)

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