Brain Dumps

ever feel alone

at the moment I do I was hoping the boy would stay home last night because I’m tired of just feeling so alone he tells me miss is good company which she is when she is awake and happy and not causing trouble… at the moment she is wandering around the room with my credit card in her mouth wearing a new set of clothes on and an old hat (she loves ha-ats) I should probably take the card off her but she is happy

sometimes I just want to be able to sit with someone and just be not doing anything in particular no obligation to talk or do anything just be not even the need to be in close proximity just be there

this month dosen’t look liek we will get any or much chance for these  things the whole month is booked out with things to do places to go and people to see some days I’ve even had to turn down things because we are already double booked

and the lonleyness continues maybe next month will be a month for just being and relaxing in preperation for the busy season


2 thoughts on “ever feel alone

  1. It is hard to feel isolated like this, especially when you are so busy. Miss might be good company, but also hard work if mine is anything to go by.
    Hope you are right about next month being better for you

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