By beebeejaybee

looking for thoughts …. DP is a pain

here is my pink thing so far … it needs another border I’m not sure what to do it in, i was thinking the same pink as in the first border ….. then I thought about searching for a darker pink than the second border preferably with checks of some sort or maybe just a dark pink ….. anyway DP thinks it has too much pink in it (is that even possible) and needs another colour to break it up because it took a while for him to pick up the details … like the cupcakes and strawberries which is silly cause the fact that those are there is purely co-incidental they just happened to be the right shade and texture for what I wanted to achieve anyway his ideas included a bright green with butterflies (which luckily I know SL has none of left as the peice I had was remnant), a minty green like in the patchworkish squares or a purple similar to the one in same squares……… so what do you think more pink???? or another colour to break it up?


2 thoughts on “looking for thoughts …. DP is a pain

  1. Personally I would go with a purple….i agree with your dp that it has alot of pink in it already but that is just my personal taste.

  2. That’s a hard decision (I’m having similar issues tossing up which border to use myself at the moment)

    First thought would be to do another border in the same fabric as your first pink border – but I would probably be inclined to use the same fabric as binding (had you decided on binding yet?)

    My other thought is possibly the light pink? (but you’d need to hold the fabric there and see what you think? It might not flow)

    I like Ruths idea of taking it to spotlight and holding bolts up against it 😉

    Good luck!

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