By beebeejaybee

stitches and craft

well it was a fair bit smaller than I imagined but that could have been because it was over 3 levels rather than all spread out in front of me and it could have been because I’m just not into scrapbooking and I’m not allowed to take up another hobby so I try to stick to the sewing stalls

I have to say I fell in love with the passion the little man from the tatters guild had for his craft just so much energy ready to show and tell anyone who would listen about it you have to love that in a crafter

I was sad that the knitting machine didn’t work and I didn’t get a chance to stop back there after they had oiled it I’ve never seen one in action so it really facinated me maybe next time it will happen

there were the odd wire walls through the place one was for trading but another was for tips to fellow crafters

this was my favourite

oh and here is what I got from the show I was a little sad that I didn’t see the motorbike in pink or red


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