I may have missed the boat here but I have to say it

have you seen these around I’m sure by now everyone has and if my phone didn’t make noise when it took pics I’d have my own to show you and seriously its not pretty

obviously the model looks great in them and any one I reckon toned size 12 and below would look great in them…. but seriously there are some things that some people should just not wear and these are one of them I saw them every day for the last 3 weeks on the train and its just soooo wrong and I know I’ve worn some ick things here and there and jeans that as the boy says look like they are up my clacker (usually because they are and I don’t want to buy bigger ones) but its really bad when you see everything that wobbles in denim blue cotton spandex or whatever it is these things are made of I read in MXx today some fashion guru was not impressed at all with them and I strongly agree


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