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on the busses

I’m sure there is a tv show of that name someplace but anyway

we are heading into week 2 of mee being on public transport still waiting for a stupid but vital part of my bike to arrive from england :sigh:

there are some very interesting things on busses I have noticed that certain people just by looking at them you can tell where they will get off  there is one cresent that while it has some lovley looking houses I wouldn’t be walking through there at night on my own just by the look and conversation of the people who get of there lots of getting hammered last night and ‘f….n’ this that or the other and we can’t forget nah he left her and now he has a kid with this chicky and that chicky wants to belt this chicky …… and well you get the idea

thene there was the day I almost cryed during the school hols, a mother and her “special’ daughter were sitting just in front of me and well she was having the time of her life playing with some pencils then named all of the shops as we went past and chattered about a few thinks….. kinda reminded me of miss, having the time of her life doing nothing much and terribly pleased with herself for remembering all of these things

yesterday was my RDO we went and got our tax done and yaaay I actually get money back

for some reason bil had convinced the boy that we should be getting FTB of roughly $20 per fortnight, now I knew we weren’t elegible but he was convinced so I said we will wait till we see emil he will know and if we are elegible we will just get it as a lump sum every year just incase one year we go over and have to pay the whole lot back for once I was right we aren’t elegible, plenty of ppl get up in arms about that but really I couldn’t care less its one less thing to worry about or have go wrong, one less department to deal with if the do get it wrong

now back to the busses the only one for the next half hour was packed as expected but aside from just being packed there were 5 prams/strollers getting on and not one oof them got emptied and folded …. now we have pretty much all wheel chair friendly busses and really it makes sense if you have a smal child asleep in the pram to leave it there if you can but each of those 5 women knew the bus was going to be full and each of them knew there were 4 others with prams/strollers and not one of them folded theirs up  untill all 5 were on board when one lady took her lo out and folded her stroller  and tucked it in the stroller spot (yep there is a spot to put your folded pram/stroller) ther rest everyone was forced to tiptoe between the sea of wheels including those of us with babies of walking age not in strollers (and there were a few of those) interesting ly of the 5 only 1 contained a little baby who was asleep …. people are so rude


hoping I get my bike back next weekend so far this week I have managed to crochet 10 granny squares I now have 58 and well if mum has 9 that makes it time to start joining for a rather large blanket


One thought on “on the busses

  1. If you are waiting for bike parts, I work for exchange and mart and there is currently lots of bikes and parts there; You might be able to pick up a bargain or sell some of your own stuff. Good luck with it all, and hope that is a help!

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