a fun day out

Its getting harder and harder to find computer time without feeling guilty either because the dishes/folding/washing isn’t done or miss is still up…… tonight I managed to get her to go to bed at and almost respectable time and do the dishes and well the rest can wait …. I’m busy…… she threw herself out of bed 3 or 4 times then discovered that this loud thump brings mummy and started randomly throwing herself on the floor grrrrrr until I gave in for a bit, changed her nap gave her a drink and put her back in bed …… for now all is quiet

My bike was supposed to be getting a new clutch on saturday ….. unfortunatley when I bought it it had clutch problems so took it back to the shop where they repaired it ….. the idiots did the nut up way too tight ….. it is supposed to be 105NM which is impressivley tight but it shouldn’t take two men and a metal bar eventually bending a ratchet using all of their strenght and weight to get it un done, unfortunatley for me all of the trying we did over the saturday and the boys trying on sunday broke part of the clutch basket soooo I’m off the road for a bit longer than planned we were told the part was in melbourne and would be here by wednesday ….. sigh …. these things never work the way they are supposed to there are non  in melbourne and we are now waiting for one to come from the UK

Sunday after the boys discovered how broken my bike was I figured I’d take miss out, I had some overdue library books to return and was thinking about taking another bus (after the bus to the library which is at the end of the line anyway) to this playcenter which is I think the only one in the area… I was thinking it was fairly expensive at $7.50 for little kids but looking around perhaps I was spoiled by ppl introducing me to this place wher under 2’s are free and you just have to pay for food and drink …. but then their big kids are more expensive oh well might try another place next time there is one the next suburb over but that involves a train and 2 busses….. hmmmmm

anyway back to  the story …. I wasn’t expecting the library to be open, and it wasn’t, but I did expect it to have a returns slot, which it did, I went to put my book in the slot and….. thunk it was sold on closer inspection I discovered that the slot had been riveted shut ….. Oh the joys of living in an area of high vandalisim  we played on the play things ( not really sure what they are called they look more like sculptures than playground equipment ) then decided to see when the bus was coming ……. 50 minutes to kill , what can we do for 50 minutes .. 🙂 stop at the cafe of course I was discussing with mis (in a one sided way) that we might have some cake and I’ll have a coffee, I cose something nice and as I put her down to order and pay she rand straight to the fruit basket and grabbed a very small apple, “Bupble” so here we are sitting at the cafe waiting the time away


she with her “bupble

and I with my “choclovah and coffee

The boy has the sidecar attached to his bike it just needs the seatbelt replaced and I have asked him to fit a harness cause I’m a bit of a car saftey freak we also need to find miss a helmet oh and I need to learn how to ride the thing so we can go out just miss and I since the boy never seems to be interested in going anywhere

hmmm looks like bed time for this little duck nigh nigh



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