By beebeejaybee

on the hook …..

a round a month ago I took up crochet, I learned to knit when I was about 8 but never really got the hang of it I did alright but very very slow …. I always waanted to try crochet just because its something different, I have really taken to it, I can do it in down time at work, and I’m almost at a stage that I can crochet without looking at my hands so I can do it while watching TV. miss has teken a liking to my wool she runs off with any ball she can grab and either walks around giving it hugs and saying ‘awwww’ or un ravels it and gets all tangled unless I manage to catch her first….. I have taken to leaving the band on the balls and being sure to pull from the middle so its less likleythat she can unravel the whole ball

so far we are up to 33 granny squares
3 dish cloths which I don’t have a pic of and

1 bunny which my cousin believs I could make many of and sell for a very large profit….. not so sure about that one…. making and selling bunnys for large profit not my cousin


i am however considering making things and selling them probably on etsy mostly just to fund my hobbies oh and so I don’t end up with a house full of softies and little girls things


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