By beebeejaybee

bag swap

well friday was opening day unfortunatley it was also the day that EB went offline at 11pm which is exactly when I finished work and the boy was on the puter the whole time I was home so I was left with browsing on my phone …. thatnk goodness for phones with wifi

I have yet to recieve my bag I was surprised how fast the one I made traveled I made the interstate trip in a couple of days

so I guess I’ll talk a little bit about how I made it

my swap partner was tania(megansmum) she said she going to start a course and would like a bag big enough to carry a couple of A4 size folders (or something along those lines)

so instantly I thought messenger bag and went searching…… none of the tutes or patterns I found seemed quite right…… I found this on craftster that I liked and a page full of bag tutes and patterns but none really seemed to fit what I wante so I took a bit of this tute and a bit of that tute and winged it from there

first I pulled out my small pile of text books from my trade course and an A4 folder I had because i am a hoarder and measured the stack then added 1in all the way around including the depth of the bag then I started cutting all of the peices out, I used some curtin fabric I had in my stash for the outer and the nice bule/aqua/brown print I found at SL I put pellon on all of the outer peices and because I wanted it to have some decent structure I put some medium weight interfacing on the lining the pockets took some deciding I knew I wanted a pen pocket and a small zipper pocket under the flap as well as a largish zip pocket in th flap itself for those things you don’t want to have to search for …. I sorta decided on the fly to put the divided pocket in the front as well because it looked a bit like it needed something there and I saw the posket on one of the tutes

the back pocket seems to be pretty standard for messenger bags all of the ones I have owned had one …. and the best ones had a bit of velcro to stop things falling out

on the inside I made a zippered pocket on one side and the other a sortof copies the phone? knicknack pocket that most bags seem to have these days I wasn’t really sure how to do the phone pocket I’ll have to learn some more about those but I made it so my phone fits in it

I wanted to do a keyhook as well but Isorta forgot to put it in when I was sewing the lining in sio it didn’t go in … sorry tania …… the top zip proved to be a little tricky I toyed with not having it but then thought there would be nothing worse than not being able to close the bag properly and having either everything fall out or the whole worl see what is in the bag while you get something from one of the front pockets so in it went

the most challenging thing was putting the lining in around the ziper panel I don’t like hand sewing too much so I put the lining in leaving a gap at the top then turned the bag out through the gap and topstitched the whole way around closing the gap

there was quite a bit of unpicking and re-stitching throughout the bag and it was almost too bulke to topstitch in some spots so I think if I did it again I’d do the leave a gap at the bottom and hand stitch that closed after pulling the bag out method but then I prolly would have had to topstitch anyway I also think I would have used 2 seperate peices for the zip panel rather than installing the zip in the 1 peice

I really enjoyed the challenge of making this bag and hopefullt tania gets alot of good use out of it unfortunatley I didn’t get any pics of the full thing so you’ll have to check out tanias  blog to see it

heres hoping I get to open one on monday night  I’ll replace this sentence when I do open it


2 thoughts on “bag swap

  1. Hi….Just wanted to say as the very appreciative receiver of this great bag…just how fantastic it really is. Today was my first day of study and my new bag came with me fully loaded with textbook, folder, pencil cases, wallet, lunch, umbrella etc etc etc and it all fitted in with a perfect spot and still room and pockets to spare…

    I absolutely adore it and just wanted to say again THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU I really do appreciate and could only imagine how many hours of work you put into this item for a complete stranger….

    You are very talented.

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