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a post a post … look out

hahahaha guess its been a bit of a while …. I’ve been busy.

the boy was on hols for 2 weeks which really reinforced to me that we need 2 puters since he was playing war games pretty much the whole time that I would normally be online :sigh:

we both got really sick the one week off that I had turned into two weeks off sick with me loosing my voice in the first week and barely able to talk in the second…. yep the boy loved that

I was begining to wonder if there is a service avaliabe like home care or something , you know with a motherly or even just friendly lady coming to cook chicken soup and look after the baby while the two sick adults rest and recover and enjoy abit of TLC from the friendly/motherly lady

I guess thats called asking mum to come look after you,,,, too bad shes still working age and well if she were retired they prolly wouldn’t be in the state anyway

I’m begining to wonder if all of these emails I keep recieveing offering really great free stuff are true…. I’m not game to test the theory but I do wonder if any of them are real offers

I did a whole 4days of afternoon shift last week how good is afternoon shift, don’t have to get up till 8ish wander around a bit do a few things then get dressed and go to work now thats the life unfortunatley the boy took full advabntage of me being home and slept in till 10ish even on the day that I got home at 330 am because I worked back …. there was lots of cupboard door slamming involved I assure you …. he claimed it was a tase of what he deals with some weeks when he gets home at 2am ….. its his choice to come home and stay up for a few hrs he knows full well that miss will be up with the sun in the morning and there is only so long that you can lay there and ignore her before she starts getting into mischief ….. btw did you know a group of mice is a mischief who would have thought

oh well back to work tomorrow the worst thing about a 4 day weekend last week is the 1 day weekend this week

also planning to get back to the TF this week there was no point trying to stick to it while I was sick, going to start again properly thought ….. 3 cups of veg, 2 serves of fruit and all


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