now here’s a skill

I had to get fuel on my way home today which unfortunatley for me also happens to be cheap day for fuel so the servo was absolutley packed

Lucky me noticed the end pump that no one was going to even though the others already had 2 cars waiting at each …. very sad people, shows how unobservant people can be

as usual I went and paid after filling up (oh how I miss the old pay at the pump ) when I got to the counter (I like to look at the mags even if I don’t need another one, remember I am a spendaholic)
told the chicky the number and she rattled of the price … $16 something (gotta love a bike) and told me to swipe my card (sorry dad still can’t bring myself to carry cash) while I was struggling with my poor overworked debit card a man came to pay the chicky directed him to the second register which was also open told him his price andto swipe his card then came and sorted out my issues printed bothe recipts at the same time and passed them over to the respective customers…. anyway I was pretty impressed that she was operating both registers at once and occasionaly slowing down to sell scratchies at a third


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