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MOTHERS DAY and finally some pics

been really busy latley working lots of ot since mum lost her job and is able to baby sit she now works casual which sorta suits her

anyway mothers day came and went already we went out to the black stump I was a little unimpressed, I like my steak blue, every time I have gone to the black stump they have done it perfectly (non believers properly done it dosen’t bleed)….. this time it was rare 😦 I will admit the resturant was packed so the kitchen may have been extra busy and well its a waste of tood to get an over cooked steak re made so I perservered. Tip boy had a similar issue he got well done rather than medium

anyway miss was an absolute dream dispite missing her morning/midday nap she sat happily

she showed her cheeky self

she got lots of practise drinking from a big girl cup because mummy forgot the sippy cup

she thoroughly enjoyed spag and meatballs

and some of daddys salad to go with it

then it all got a bit noisey

so we went and played at pas


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